Team:Purdue/Results/Wetlab Experiments


Wet Lab Experiments

Our two main wet lab projects were the transformation of Bacillus Subtilis and assembly of our plasmids using Gibson Assembly.

Transformation of Bacillus Subtilis

We first conducted growth curve assays of our two strains (3A37 and 1A436) of Bacillus Subtilis obtained from The Ohio State Bacillus Stock Center .


Once we have functional circuits we will conduct the following Pytosidderophore Assay adapted from:

Pérez-Miranda, S., Cabirol, N., George-Téllez, R., Zamudio-Rivera, L. S., & Fernández, F. J. (2007). O-CAS, a fast and universal method for siderophore detection. Journal of microbiological methods, 70(1), 127-131.

Gibson Assembly

We synthesized our two plasmids using Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT). We currently have them as gBlocks and are trouble shooting the Gibson Assembly.