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Purdue University iGEM

Welcome! This is the official wiki of the Purdue Biomakers, Purdue’s official iGEM team since 2006.

Just to give you a little background what iGEM is all about: The International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM) is the premiere undergraduate Synthetic Biology competition. iGEM began in January of 2003 with a month-long course at MIT during their Independent Activities Period (IAP). The students designed biological systems to make cells blink. This design course grew to a summer competition, which has then evolved over the past ten years to include over 250 teams from all over the world. Student teams are given a kit of biological parts at the beginning of the summer from the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. Working at their own schools over the summer, they use these parts and new parts of their own design to build biological systems and operate them in living cells. This project design and competition format is an exceptionally motivating and effective teaching method.

2006 marks the year that Purdue began its long-awaited journey towards making a difference in the world of synthetic biology, entering the competition with seven undergraduate members and three advisors. Purdue continued to compete for the next four years, earning bronze medals almost every year but never anything more. Facing some trials and tribulations along this journey, namely lack of interest and insufficient funds, Purdue did not field a team in the 2011 iGEM competition. Fortunately, the team was revived with enough interest and support to not only field a team in 2012, but to receive a gold medal and advance to the international competition at MIT for the first time in the team’s history. The following year, Purdue iGEM achieved an unprecedented success, ranking third in the undergraduate division of North America at the 2013 regional competition!

Now the Purdue Biomakers are back again, better than ever. With more members, increased funding, and a focus towards capitalizing on Purdue’s strong legacy in agriculture, you can expect the 2014 iGEM team to continue to redefine success, striving to reach even greater heights in this year’s iGEM competition!