Team:Paris Saclay/Notebook/September/18



Thursday 18th September

Lab Work

By Mélanie

Lemon scent

PCR with colony

clones obtained after the ligation in PPSI have been tested by PCR to see if we have an insert: We have tested pps2-pps3 pps4.

Only pps4 is positive for one clone and pps3 for one.

1809 1-10 pps2 10-16 pps3.jpg

well 2-11 : pPS2

well 12-16 : pPS3

1809 pps3 17-20 21 pps4.jpg

well 2-4 pPS3 well 5 pPS4

liquide culture

liquide culture of the positiv clones

Photo of the Day

Paris Saclay 18 september.jpg

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