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Tuesday 16th September

Lab Work

By Mélanie

Lemon scent

Plasmids extraction

Extraction of the plasmid from the culture made yesterday(PS)

Digestion of PS topo plasmids

by PacI and PSTI

1609 digestion ps et gs par pacI.jpg

(well 2 and 3 : PacI digestion)


After digestion, ligation overnight in PPS1

PCR Colony

Test of the transformation made yesterday to know if we had obtained a plasmid]

1609 PCR sur clones.jpg

primer to ckeck the direction of the insert PPS2 : iPS72-96

PPS4 : ips72-97

= no insert (just well 1-9)

liquide culture

liquide culture from yesterday's colony to make stock tomorrow

PCR cad to cloning in pSBIC3

PCR and digestion PSTI/ecoRI and ligation


PCR to check if we have the insert in our topo plasmid

see here

Construction of the fusion protein (color)


PCR to check if we have the insert in our topo plasmid

see here

1609 chromo topo 2-9 jaune 10-17 bleu.jpg

well 2-9 = chromo yellow in topo plasmid well 10-17 = chromo blue in topo plasmid

Photo of the Day

Paris Saclay 2 september.jpg

Work of Thérèse Bichon , one of those few we have interviewed during this month of september.

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