Team:OUC-China/Safety Lab safety



The lab we work in is classified as BSL 1 (biosafety level 1), according to WHO Biosafety Manual. Thus, all the microorganisms are least dangerous. Especially, no pathogenic organisms are used in our project

Firstly, we take measures to ensure the safety of researchers, everyone should wear white coat when the experiment is going. We store medical masks and rubber gloves for researchers to protect themselves, and put the toxic chemicals in isolated place. Besides, except for garbage or necessary things, everything taken into laboratory can’t be taken out, in case toxic substances and genetic engineered bacteria spread from the laboratory.

Secondly, each of us has taken the compulsory course "experiment equipment use procedures and laboratory safety" that our school set up for all freshmen. When we are not sure about the safety measures, we always consult our instructors. Everybody had learned how to deal with the emergency situation in laboratory before we start our project.

Thirdly, we make rules for daily lab management, such as we assign one person to do safety- check and be on duty every day so the devices will be checked, also the unrelated persons are not allowed to enter the lab. The first time OUC-China team took part in IGEM is in 2011, from then on, we gradually construct a safety system which advised by professors and advisors.