Generally, researchers transfer plasmids from prokaryote to eukaryote by non-autonomous methods, while we manage to make plasmid transfer by autonomous and convenient methods.

This year, OUC-China iGEM devotes to design a novel model of plasmid transfer. Because the plasmid can’t transfer into natural bacteria easily in vivo, we transport the plasmid with double plasmids system into the organism, and then the constructed plasmid that has lysis device can transfer to the dominant colony in organism by conjugation. Afterwards, the dominant colony with constructed plasmid can lysis and release the constructed plasmid and a fusion protein composed of cationic TAT peptide and histone H4 that we designed. The protein complex will carry the constructed plasmid into eukaryote to operate. The aim of the project is to construct a novel model method of eukaryotic transfection for molecular biology research at individual level, such as DNA vaccine and molecular marker.