[ {"Q":"Which bacterium is the main cause of tooth decay? (Hint: Project Overview!)","S":["Lactobacillus rhamnosus","Actinomyces naeslundi","Streptococcus sobrinus","Streptococcus mutans"],"A":"3"},

               {"Q":"What does this bacterium use for quorum sensing? (Hint: Control Target!)","S":["sRNA","CSP","Glucose","AHL"],"A":"1"},

{"Q":"We created a threshold sensor in HOPE, what part of did we use? (Hint: Control Target!)","S":["Promoter","Terminator","Ribosome Binding Site","MicC Scaffold"],"A":"1"},

{"Q":"Why didn't HOPE just kill all the S. mutans in our mouth? (Hint: Modeling Competition!)","S":["It's impossible, S. mutans is too strong!","Other species will just take its place.","S. mutans is actually a good bacteria."],"A":"1"},

{"Q":"What is so scary about biofilms? (Hint: Project Overview!)","S":["It anchors S. mutans on your teeth.","It creates a zone of isolation.","It protects S. mutans from outer forces.","All of the above!"],"A":"3"},

{"Q":"What is so special about the nlmC promoter? (Hint: Control Target!)","S":["Nothing, it's just a constitutive promoter.","It gets induced by acidic conditions.","It is induced by CSP.","It is induced by the AHL-LuxR Complex."],"A":"2"},

{"Q":"In HOPE, what tells you to go see the dentist? (Hint: Care)","S":["Red color on your teeth.","Your teeth glows in the dark.","The smell of banana.","Your teeth starts to make a noise!"],"A":"2"},

{"Q":"Who did we cooperate with in our Human Practice?","S":["Scientific American Taiwan","NYMU Oral Health Society Service Team","FDI World Dental Federation","All of the above!"],"A":"3"},

{"Q":"What was our Modeling used for?","S":["Predict the population of oral species.","Model probability of tooth decay versus age.","Analyze our Human Practice data.","All of the above!"],"A":"3"},

{"Q":"What did we use for our Inhibitor to suppress biofilm formation? (Hint: Control Inhibitor!)","S":["sRNA","rRNA","mRNA","tRNA"],"A":"0"},

{"Q":"We created a special apparatus called HOPErfusion. What does it do?","S":["A machine that pumps nutrients over plates.","A machine that constantly circulates saliva to simulate our oral environment.","An automated PCR and dye photography machine.","Creates an environment that grows S. mutans extra fast!"],"A":"1"} ]