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Meet the Team
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    We painted Ann Arbor's famous rock in a Michigan iGEM theme in order to assert our dominance over all other clubs here.

  • The very beginning.

  • Meijer Mania after a hackathon.

  • The software team trying to figure out how the hell to use GitHub.

  • Kelly and Josh killin' it at Pittsburgh!

  • Team picture #2! Christine would just like to make it clear that she is indeed wearing pants.

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    Here's our beautiful affiliated lab team!

  • Back of the painted rock.

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    Welcome to the Michigan Software Team!


The Michigan iGEM Software Team was founded this year. It is comprised of several students from varying academic backgrounds at the University of Michigan including bioinformatics, aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, statistics, and microbiology. Here's a little description of each of us.

Josh Abramson

I'm one of the team's co-founders and this year's president. Hailing from West Bloomfield, I've made a living studying Biology, Mathematics, and Chemical Physics at the University of Michigan. As a veteran of the Michigan lab team and after plaguing them for 4 years, I now plague them as an adviser when I'm not leading the software team. Outside of iGEM, I enjoy tree climbing, playing pranks on my professors, and computer games. My favorite pie is blueberry.

Basel Al-Barghouthi

MS Bioinformatics '15

Kaitlin Flynn

Hi, I'm Kaitlin and I'm a 5th year PhD candidate in Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Michigan Medical School. I'm currently actively job searching (hi recruiters!) for positions in synthetic biology, data science and analytics. In my free time I like running, traveling and drinking great beer. Pumpkin pie for life.

Jon Heiselman

Prototype ProtoCat drawn by our clearly talented Josh

Was busy all summer but still somehow found time to video chat into team meetings with finnicky technology.

Kelly Henckel

Hello, my name is Kelly. I am a sophomore studying aerospace engineering with a potential minor in computer science. I have a love for all things code, from controls engineering to webpage design. My dream is to one day work in the space industry, designing the probes or rockets that will get humans "from A to B".

Jessica Johnson

Prototype ProtoCat drawn by our clearly talented Josh

What up, I'm Jessica. I'm a senior, preparing to be a supersenior in biomedical engineering. I play saxophone. I am also part of the iGEM lab team. I do yoga every morning. My life oscillates between phases of being saturated with coffee and deciding I need to quit. I have a collection of dead insects, and a cat- a live one. I live in a barn. And I'm a ginger.

Chris Parker

Prototype ProtoCat drawn by our clearly talented Josh

I'm best known for my love of baking bread and singing annoyingly as possible. When not staring listlessly into the distance, I spend my time studying chemical engineering and/or optimizing a model for the concentration of tea. I joined iGEM this year to put my HTML skills to use and have my ideas of using PHPMyAdmin shut down.

Christine Liu

Hey there, I'm Christine. I'm currently an undecided second-year at Michigan, but I have many interests, including art, music, film, dogs, and food(so basically nothing that's a viable career path!). I've been trying to learn some coding and design, so joining the iGEM team was a great way to start developing both those skills. Outside of this, other life goals include raising a golden retriever and pomsky, publishing a novel, and traveling around France (I refuse to let 4 years of French go to waste).

Kristine Lan

Hi, I'm Kristine. I'm a junior in informatics, which is basically statistics plus computer science. I enjoy baking. My current favorite recipe is glazed lemon cake. You would usually find me in the Children's Literature section in libraries, because I really love picture books.


A huge thank you goes out to our advisers for making everything possible!

Marc Ammerlaan

In charge of labs and graduate student instructors for the department's introductory courses. Along with the introductory biology office staff, Ammerlaan handles course administration (grades, regrades, and make-ups). He is not currently running a research program. Attribution: Team iGEM Representative

James Cavalcoli

Dr. Cavalcoli is an enthusiastic teacher and was a certified high school Biology and Chemistry teacher (Ames, IA), back in the late 1980’s before returning to graduate school for his Ph.D. Since 2002, he has been an adjunct assistant professor of medicinal chemistry, in the UM School of Pharmacy. He has taught lectures in Medchem 534, “Technology in Pharmacology”. Since 2007 he has presented lectures in “Database Design and SQL” for Bioinf 575 “Bioinformatics Programming Laboratory”. Dr. Cavalcoli is also involved in the organization of Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference” GLBIO, an annual regional bioinformatics conferences sponsored by ISCB. Attribution: Project and Fundraising Adviser


Last but not least, we can't convey enough thanks to our sponsoring departments without whom none of this would have been possible.

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