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KIT, Kyoto Institute of Technology, is a national university in Kyoto, which had been the capital city of Japan for more than a thousand years. KIT was founded to do research on silk and textile, important for artistic kimono industries for Kyoto. Though its name has 'technology' in it, KIT is a fusion of science and arts. KIT has been committed in the genetics more recently. A good example is the Drosophila Genetic Resource Center (DGRC), which collects stocks of Drosophila, an essential model organism in life science research, from laboratories around the world. There are only two other such centers in the world. The institute has also collaborated actively with industries in Kyoto and beyond. KIT's competence is beyond science. It also has arts and design courses. KIT is a place of robust science and creative arts. We will exert our strength As students of KIT, we are very proud of competing with wonderful students in other universities in iGEM. We will show you what you will get when arts and science merge. See you in Boston!

E.motion:Dawn of the New Generation BioArt

We infuse dynamic art and design into E.coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae to create new inspiration. It is not just static, garden-variety of drawings with fluorescent proteins such as GFP, RFP or YFP, you have seen somewhere. In front of you are fragrance by monoterpene and motion of organisms in perfect combination. We even invite insects to perform around our artwork; monoterpene's repellent effect certainly affects insects' behavior. It is a BioArt of future generation that gratifies your senses. Our artwork will wow you and wake up your desire to express yourself in the form of art. You may think E.coli is stinky or poopy. No! With the power of synthetic biology, it can be aromatic! Our proposition: synthetic biology inspires everybody.