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Detaction and Degradation of Microsystin LR
Team Jilin_China

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We are from JiLin University of China.There are 17 members in our team,including three instructors:,one advisor: Jia Han ,Thirteen students:Xiaoqi Li, Yujing Wang ,Endong Zhang ,Yingdong He , Guangyuan Song , Wan Zhou...More about Team


In the past few years, algal bloom caused by eutrophication has widely spread across the world and the situation became even worse after climate warming. It is reported that the algal bloom is taking place almost...More about Background


In order to investigate the dangers of algae bloom,the JLU-china iGEM team visited The South lake and the Songhua lake in jilin.algae outbreaks there,and the JLU-china team also held a interview with the local people...More about Practice