Biophrame Technologies is an interdisciplinary company of 9 college graduates from ITESM campus Guadalajara, with the initiative to create a high technology company able to generate valuable products for the Mexican pharmaceutical industry in an ecologically and economically sustainable way.


The team has diverse backgrounds and professional skills that allows us to generate innovative solutions.

Lizeth Sánchez
Chief Executive Officer

Lizeth Sanchez graduated with honors with a degree in Biotechnology Engineering. Her major skills are leadership, entrepreneurship, perseverance and creativity. She has actively contributed as researcher assistant in two scientific articles and she has participated in nacional and internacional conferences. She has also worked as intern for Neurotech Company in United States. She is passionate about biotech research and its economic and social impact in the world.

Daniel Flores
Chief Technology Officer

Daniel Flores has a degree in Biotechnology Engineering. He has worked as intern for Mitacs Globalik in Manitoba, Canada. During his years as undergraduate he earned a certificate in Research Communication and Project Management, granted by the University of Alberta, Canada. He considers himself objective, creative, perseverant and great team member.

Itzel Milanes
Chief Legal Officer

Itzel Milanes graduated with honors with a degree in Business Administration. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and business creation. Her major professional skills include perseverance, patience, multitasking, discipline and empathy. She obtained a Full Scholarship as an award for outstanding academic performance in her admission test and was selected to attend two honors summer programs in UC Berkeley and Stanford University, respectively

Rodolfo Valdés
Chief Operating Officer

Biotech Engineer Rodolfo Valdes has been recognized by the Department of Immunology at Monash University for Outsanding Perfomance in his studies there. He has worked as an Intern at Jalisco’s Research, Design and Technologiy Assistance (CIATEJ) and collaborated in a scientific research about animal preservation. His professional experience has helped him develop skills such as objectivity, patience, creativity, communication and learning abilities.


Lizette A. Reyes
Chief Science Officer

Lizette Reyes has a degree in Biomedical Engineering and is currently studying a master’s degree in Quality and Productivity. Her professional skills include analytical thinking, effective communication, team work, adaptability and stress management. During her time as undergraduate she received a scholarship for a summer internship in Neurotech and contributed in the research of a coating for a CoCrMo prostheses biomaterial.

Sergio Núñez
Chief Creative Officer

Combining art and technology has been Sergio’s passion since he started a professional career in animation and digital art. He runs his own company since 2012, ‘Sergionc Video Mapping’, an animation and production studio specialized in content creation for spectacles with clients in different parts of Mexico. He has major achievements in other artistic disciplines such as music and entertainment. His major skills are leadership, project management, creativity, resource administration and communication.

Ana Sofía Arreola
Chief Information Officer

Ana Sofìa Arreola earned a degree in Biotechnology Engineering and is passionate about entrepreneurship. She believes in liberating Mexico’s potential of becoming premium exporter of biotechnology. She values team work, cooperation, pro positivity and leadership as major skills. She directed a pilot plant design for vinasses treatment in Tequila, Jalisco and represented her university in the BUS Entrepreneurship Challenge in INC Monterrey.

Carolina Salazar
Chief Financial Officer

Cum laude graduate Carolina Salazar has a degree in Business Administration and has attended academic programs in The University of Birmingham and Stanford University. Moreover, she has worked for The Walt Disney Company, Ruffalo Cody, The Guadalajara’s International Film Festival and Dell. Her profesional skills include fluency in three languages, change and time management, effective communication and execution efficiency.

Jorge Parra
Chief Marketing Officer

Jorge has a degree in Marketing. He is passionate about innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Jorge was selected to attend to the International Honors Program in Stanford University where he obtained an International Management Certificate. Currently he is President organizer of the congress “BoOM: Brainers of Marketing”. He has worked for Nike Mexico and as freelance. He has taken different diplomas such as Neuromarketing, Ethnography, Digital Marketing, Branding and Event Planning.


The advice of technical and business experts, allows the development of the company.

Phd. Maria Jose Rivas
Technical Advice

Lizette Huezo Ponce
Entrepeneur Advice

Biophrame Technologies is a biotech company and manufacturer specialized in the production of Chitosan.