Team:EPF Lausanne/Team



We are a group of 13 students from the faculties of Life Sciences & Technologies and Computer Science, and are supervised by 2 EPFL professors, 1 lecturer and 5 PhD students.

Ted Baldwin Ted Baldwin

Ted Baldwin

“I’m pretty confident that
it should work.”
Romane Breysse Romane Breysse

Romane Breysse

“I'll be 5/8 of an hour late”
Jin Chang

Jin Chang

"It's not me you need to convince. I do believe in our project!"
Axel De Tonnac Axel De Tonnac

Axel de Tonnac

“I forgot to eat today”
Bastien Duckert

Bastien Duckert

“Need help. Instructions unclear: got stuck in the plate reader”
Arthur Giroux Arthur Giroux

Arthur Giroux

"Soy la pequeña Hillary Hulk"
Nikolaus Huwiler Nikolaus Huwiler

Nikolaus Huwiler

“Imagine a world where
technology is alive”
Sakura Nussbaum Sakura Nussbaum

Sakura Nussbaum

"Once I broke a guy's arm
in kindergarten"
Lucie Petetin Lucie Petetin

Lucie Petetin

"Ooh, it's sooo cuuute"
Cécile Piot Cécile Piot

Cécile Piot

“We need to change my quote”
Ione Pla Ione Pla

Ione Pla

"How about no"
Grégoire Repond Grégoire Repond

Grégoire Repond

"Alien, zwzwzwzw"
Thomas Simonet Thomas Simonet

Thomas Simonet

"Oh no, there are no
chocolate muffins left"
Maroun Bou Sleiman Maroun Bou Sleiman

Maroun Bou Sleiman

"This is my limit; look, I'm not smart, I'm not funny"
Oleg Mikhajlov Oleg Mikhajlov

Oleg Mikhajlov

"Is everything alright, guys?"
Ekatarina Petrova Ekatarina Petrova

Ekaterina Petrova

"I owe you another beer"
Rachana Pradhan Rachana Pradhan

Rachana Pradhan

"Why do you guys look so tired?"
Antonio Meireles Filho

Antonio Meireles Filho

PostDoc Life Sciences
Bart Deplancke Bart Deplancke

Bart Deplancke

"Make a list"
Barbara Grisoni

Barbara Grisoni-Neupert

“Do you talk about iGEM when you meet the guys?”
Sebastian Maerkl Sebastian Maerkl

Sebastian Maerkl

“I'm thinking about science”