E. cowli - Fighting Climate Change - iGEM 2014 Team Braunschweig


Degrading methane and saving the Earth – that sounds all great, but how can we evaluate the feasibility of our project before it has been turned into reality? We generated a mathematical model by combining data achieved experimentally and taken from previously published literature. This way we are able to address important questions providing information on the implementation and application of our methane-utilizing bacterium, such as the amount of enzyme needed for efficient degradation and the costs coming along with it.

Using our mathematical model we estimated that the cost for complete degradation of methane is approximately 50 cent per dose. Thus, as little as 50 $ are needed to annihilate the annual methane emission per cow. Dive into our mathematical model to find out how this is possible.

Modeling Approach

Based on published values and our experimental data we estimated the possibilities of our project.

Mathematical Model

What is possible with our project? Have a look at our Mathematical Model and you'll know!


Interested in details? Here you can find our complete source code!

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