E. Cowli - Fighting Climate Change - iGEM 2014 Team Braunschweig


11th May 2014, Finding a Project

In the beginning of every project there is the planning: What project do we want to do? What CAN we do? All these questions had to be answered.

11 May 2014, Skype Chat with iGEM Waterloo

Collaborations or contact with other iGEM teams is a bit more complicated if you live on another continent. Nevertheless, we have a nice talk with the iGEM Team Waterloo.

11th May 2014, We need Food!

During the project planning phase there is one thing - besides good ideas - every scientist needs: Food to keep the brain running! Luckily food comes right to our doorstep if we want.

13th May 2014, Meeting with iGEM Team Hannover

When iGEM teams meet there is not only scientific talk but also much fun and laugther. Especially when there is sun and BBQ at hand.

13th May 2014, Meeting with iGEM Team Hannover

After a nice evening Team Hannover and Team Braunschweig both went home with new friends and one or two helpful thoughts for further lab work.

20th May 2014, LehrLEO-Slam at TU Braunschweig

At the LehrLEO event it was our turn not to present our project but the concept of iGEM as a teaching principle to the public and members of our university. Nevertheless, we used this opportunity to communicate our project and gather some opinions on eating habits.

20th May 2014, Winner of the LehrLEO-Slam!

We did it! We presented iGEM and our project in a science slam contest and could win over 70% of the votes.

22th May 2014, iGEMers can handle a variety of bricks!

Between lab work and team meetings there is also a little spare time for gaming nights and more!

24th May 2014, Teamwork on the Road

We work with the smallest machines but sometimes we have to deal with problems caused by larger ones.

24th May 2014, iGEM Meetup in Munich

The first German Meetup at LMU Munich was a blast! Interesting talks, productive workshops and of course: Networking at its finest!

25th May 2014, Oktoberfest!

When you are in Munich (Bavaria) there is definetely no way around a traditional Biergarten.

28th June 2014, TU Day, the OpenDay of our University

At the TU Day we had a booth in the Biocenter of our university where we presented iGEM and our project to future students and other interested visitors. The children could even do experiments with milk and had an insight into a scientist's work.

28th June 2014, Oliver won a plush E.coli!

At the TU-DAY we had our booth opposite of the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research - not without consequences: Some (plush-)bacteria found their way into our hands!

11th August 2014, Our intern Benjamin

For two weeks we had an intern in our lab: Benjamin. As many of us had had bad internships during their school time, we offered him the complete opposite: He did almost every task as we did in our daily lab routine - and he liked it very much.

11th August 2014, A few days in and already a Pro at the pipette!

With a little practice even the pipetting of 96 PCR samples was no problem for Benjamin.

17th August 2014, Breakfast at Oliver's

Okay, it was actually lunch, but as we needed a working weekend to catch up with some work we thought it would be good to get out of the lab once and so we met at Oliver's to be productive.

17th August 2014, A canteen alternative

As we had a fully equipped kitchen just a few meters away we prepared our own lunch - Spoiler Alert: It was better than canteen food.

14th September 2014, Drive to the iGEM Meetup in Aachen

On a 4 hour drive through Germany you need something to eat! Why not #schokozwieback?

14th September 2014, German iGEM Meetup in Aachen

As Wiki Freeze and the Giant Jamboree got closer and closer we and other teams had the opportunity to present our project and some results not only to our fellow teams but also to the public - and get more practice for our talks at the Giant Jamboree.

24th September 2014, Play time in the lab!

Even the best scientist needs some non-intellectual time off from the hard work in the lab.

26th September 2014, European Researchers Night in Braunschweig

We took part in the European Researchers' Night in Braunschweig, the only German city to host the ERN this year. At our booth visitors could participate in a survey about the future of synthetic biology or get to know more about our project E.cowli and iGEM in general.

26th September 2014, Scientists-Bet at European Researchers Night!

The "Haus der Wissenschaft" (House of Science) bet that it would be possible to gather more than 1,000 scientists in one place. They did it! Around 1,200 scientists came together and everyone got a nice umbrella.

30th September 2014, Wiki organisation 2.0

To have a plan how to structure your wiki and its contents you don't need a whiteboard - a door is enough!

8th October 2014, Nils' birthday

Wiki Freeze came closer but there has to be time to celebrate a team member's birthday - with cake and beer!

12th October 2014, The Race to Wiki Freeze

Like many other teams we started to work 24/7 to get our results, diagrams and texts ready for publishing in our wiki. Who needs social events when you can sit in the lab all day...and night?

16th October 2014, Sugar to stay awake? Sure!

What do you need one day before Wiki Freeze besides caffein and a lot of patience? Sugar! Good thing there is a donut shop just a few minutes away.

18th October 2014, Wiki Freeze

Due to different time zones at 6 am our wiki froze - completely finished! But no time to relax: The poster and talk for the Giant Jamboree still has to be prepared. See you in Boston!

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