The Team

Our team consists of 10 master students from four different Master degree programmes. Following each member explains his or her motivation for participating in the competition.

The Members

Annika Fust - Informatics in the Natural Sciences

I am particularly motivated to participate in the iGEM competition, because for me it is very interesting to be part of a research project in the field of synthetic biology from planning and preparation about execution to presentation.

Birte Hollmann - Genome-Based Systems Biology

I participate at the iGEM-competition because the project is a unique chance for me to work on a research project related to synthetic biology within a group of students. It is exciting to collect ideas and to realize them afterwards. It is possible to gain a lot of experience and to establish contacts with other groups.

Boas Pucker - Genome-Based Systems Biology

Working with young and creative students on our own project from planning to presentation of the results is my main motivation. I would like to try out new methods of synthetic biology and to learn new skills.

David Wollborn - Molecular Biotechnology

The iGEM-competition provides an opportunity to develop oneself in the fields of project planning, teamwork and the self-organized realisation of a scientific issue. These are skills that can’t be gained in that dimension during the regular studies in the Master degree program. Especially the field of synthetic biology has an enormous capability for the development of fascinating projects.

Janina Tiemann - Molecular Biotechnology

The participation in the iGEM-competition offers me a unique chance to gain an insight into the multifaceted research field of synthetic biology. Together with other students I get the opportunity to plan and perform an own project from beginning to end. Moreover I am interested in the application of BioBricks and the intention to find a solution to today’s problems which shows the great potential of synthetic biology for the future.

Julian Droste - Molecular Biotechnology

Synthetic biology fascinates me by its almost unlimited potential. I am very interested in establishment of new biotechnological methods and metabolic pathways. The iGEM competition build a combination of natural and engineering sciences. To create our own project and work on it is one of the major advantages of the iGEM competition for my team and me.

Sandra Brosda - Bioinformatics and Genome Research

iGEM - For me it is the combination of synthetic biology and a project which is independently developed by students. What I am most interested in is the realisation of a project from a to z as well as the combination of synthetic biology and computer sciences. I want to gain many positive experiences together with my team in our iGEM year.

Sebastian Blunk - Genome-Based Systems Biology

iGEM is a great chance for me to learn new practical methods and to acquire a project in a team on ourselves. In addition I want to use this chance to gain international experience and establish new contacts. This competition will have an enormous influence on our all future. Everyone should take his chance to participate!

Simon Riedl - Molecular Biotechnology

For me iGEM provides the ability to develop an individual and creative project and to put this into practise as a team. This includes work in our lab up to public relation activities. In the course of Master degree program this possibility is in this dimension not given. In addition, I am fascinated by the opportunity to conduct research at a high scientific level and to be able to get in touch with other international scientists.

Tore Bleckwehl - Molecular Biotechnology

I am interested in iGEM, because of the challenge to develop new metabolic pathways and to reprogram biological systems by the intelligence combination of BioBricks. Apart I like the opportunity to develop and improve the own ideas in the team.

The Advisors

We are guided by three graduate advisers, Nils Lübke, Manuel Wittchen and Timo Wolf who were members of previous Bielefeld iGEM-Teams. They were team members in 2010 and 2011 and now helping us with their experience and knowledge.

The Instructors

We are also actively supported by professors and lecturers, namly Prof. Dr. Jörn Kalinowski (member of the executive committee from CeBiTec and Head of Research Group Microbial Genomics and Biotechnology), Prof. Dr. Karl Friehs(holds the Chair of Fermentation Engineering at the Faculty of Technology at Bielefeld University) and Dr. Christian Rückert (Postdoc at Research Group Microbial Genomics and Biotechnology