PCR-Amplification: As the standard polymerase we use Phusion High Fidelity Polymerase

Plasmid purification: As the standard kit we use Promega Wizard® Plus SV Minipreps DNA Purification System

PCR and gel clean-up: As the standard kit we use Promega Wizard® SV Gel and PCR Clean-Up

Colony PCR: As the standard kit we use Promega GoTaq® PCR Core System I

  • The team gathered up. We consist of ten persons from different fields of study in the masters program. The fields are informatics of natural science, bioinformatics and genome science, biotechnology and genome based systems biology.
  • A sponsoring team was build up pretty soon to start the financial part of our project. The first extra meetings were planned. We made a sponsoring folder as a giveaway.
  • Team Bielefeld-CeBiTec 2014 decided on a team color which is turqoise.
  • We started to plan a weekend for further discussions and to find a project
  • Our homepage was published with first information
  • An inlet was created with more information for interested companies
  • We added our 11th member Silke
  • For the public view we selected social media agents
  • First plans for policy and practices topics were made: We will participate at the pupils academy, at the NRW day, and some more
  • Project themes discussed this month:
    • Mangan-mushroom
      • Manganoxyde may bind metals
      • Interesting to clean the environment
      • Hydrogen peroxide is produced → no realization in bacteria possible
    • Clam glue
      • Fibers can be made uv resistent
      • Underwater hardening possible (30 seconds)
      • Expressed in E. coli 2008
      • Potential for clinical use
    • Earthquake sensing by toad (theories)
      • Toads messure radon gas before earthquakes
      • Toads have geomagnetism sensing
      • Toads react on full moon
    • Garbage reduction with bacteria
    • Regeneration of body parts (Axolotl)
    • Sea cucumber: Production of kollagen for cosmetics
    • Bacterial power cord
    • Production of clothes with bacteria
    • Photosynthesis with artificial plants via biofilm
    • Degradation of electronic scrap
    • CO2 fixation
      • Hydroxypropionate cycle
      • Carboxysome
      • Formiat
    • Sodiumpump for ATP production
    • Biocomputers
    • Degradation of cellulose to bioethanol
    • O2 production
    • Living antibiotics
    • Smog combating
  • We were planning the tour to LMU Munich where different iGEM teams of germany will have a meeting. We decided to give a talk about our project
  • Project themes discussed this month:
    • Biofuels
    • Biocomputing
    • Biomining
    • Smog drones / Smog combating
    • Sodiumpump
    • Light-driven proton pump
    • Living antibiotics
    • CO2 fixation
    • Nitrit reduction
    • Clam glue
    • Sea cucumber
  • We visited Merck and gave a talk about our project ideas
  • Our 11th member, Silke, left us because of her change of university
  • We paid our fees for iGEM and are fully registered
  • A group of students from the university of Bielefeld presented their labeling system IceTag. It is only a prototype and we do not know if we have the chance to test it
  • We went to Winterberg were we meet up for the weekend to discuss our most promising topics. We talked about:
    • Phages
    • rMFC
    • Plastic degradation
    • Urban mining
    • CO2 fixation
  • We applied for Matlab licenses to do our modelling
  • The TechFak (Technical faculty) of Bielefeld University borrowed us three pipette sets
  • We supported some pupils of a biology advanced course of a local school by doing experiments with them. Later we helped them with an exhibition at a local museum, the museum of nature (namu), and gave a talk there. For more information click here.
  • A journalist of the WDR (westdeutscher Rundfunk) visited us in our lab and interviewed us about our work. He recorded sounds in the lab for his work "Leben leben" (living life) which will be transmitted in october. For more information click here.
  • We wrote an exposé for an application for the SYNENERGENE project which is initiated by the Rathenau Instituut
  • To present our team in the lab building we organized a barbecue
  • Some people of our team went to the LMU Munich to present our project idea at a meeting with some german iGEM teams.
  • We decided to synthesize some DNA fragments to optimize the codon usage for E. coli