radiation measurement

"Radiation as a natural part of our environment. Annually, worldwide, more than 3,600 million X-ray examinations are performed, 37 million nuclear medicine procedures are carried out, and 7.5 million radiotherapy treatments are given.”--from World Health Organization Website. Radiation correlates with us tightly. With technique development, the use of radiation in our life ascends. However inappropriate dosage may jeopardize health condition potentially. Most of the public are nevertheless not conscious of the latent risks. Therefore an engineered bio-system was constructed based on synthetic biology. The system is composed of amplifier and sensor. Once the sensor was exposed to low dose radiation, it would produce signal molecules continuously. The signals would be conveyed to amplifier then and brought the amplifier into operation. Thus the amplifier would produce high massive signals for precise detection. And aiming at precise measurements, we equip the sensor with a switch to pause, hence we can detect the stable signal of the system.

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