After the evaluation of the basic parameters of the problem, we have to use the data we obtained from people to give a feedback and a proposition of a solution. Hence, we discussed and come up with the idea of converting the obtained data into problem emphasizing products. In this module, we expected to inform people how big the danger is, why they should take their eating and exercising habits under control and how the problem is related with their lifestyle.

We gained an insight from the survey study that salt and calorie intake is excessive in all of the groups we evaluated. Therefore, we planned to prepare strip bands or innovative poster/leaflets to be used in the restaurants, cafes or other food sector related places to show the impact of those food products on heart health and how big they effect on people’s risk of gaining diseases.

Think By Heart

We also performed an event in our university on 4 September, World Heart Day. The content of the event includes a seminar clarifying the impact of heart diseases on our daily life, the big issue of heart attacks and how we can prevent it, an innovative game, which we also plan to present it in the Giant Jamboree Game Room, teaching the features of our heart and its health, a special entertainment show, which we also want to perform in the Jamboree called “Think by Heart”, featuring the heart’s mysteries and what we learn from it in the basis of human relationship or working discipline etc. Through these activities, we tried to lure attention to our heart and maintaining its health.